What's Expected of Racers

Our team includes kids who have been on skis since they were three years old and those who have just been skiing for a year or two and have never raced. Skiers don't need to have prior racing experience to participate with the Team. High school skiing in Oregon is dedicated to assisting students develop from intermediate skiers to accomplished racers. Team members should have basic level of skiing skills such that he or she can manage an intermediate hill. To continue to participate on the team, they also need to do the following:

● Be a student within the Team’s catchment area and attend a school. Most of our skiers attend Grant and Cleveland but we also have skiers from Benson, McDaniel, and Franklin. Students from other schools in the area also may be eligible if they fulfill all other obligations, attend a high school which does not have its own alpine ski club or team, and live within the Mt. Hood Ski Racing League's boundaries.

● Complete and return all necessary forms provided for purposes of team membership, liability and use of training and racing facilities.

● Attend school full-time and achieve passing grades in accordance with the state skiing association policies.

● Fulfill economic responsibilities through payment of team registration fees and other required costs.

● Attend and participate in dryland training sessions.

● Attend and participate in on-mountain training sessions and races.

● Participate in the Team’s annual Ski Swap (racer and parent participation essential).

● Show respect for all members of the team, coaches, assistants and parent volunteers.