What We Do

We are an Alpine Ski Racing team, competing against other teams in our league and if we're lucky (and good), we get a chance to race against other teams from around the state during the state high school ski racing championships. We also train together as a team - both off the hill dryland training and on the snow training before and during the season. We generally race on Saturdays beginning in January, and train on a few selected Sundays as well. Our season begins with our annual ski swap that raises money for the team and ends with a team gathering celebrating our accomplishments at the end of the year. Here's a quick chronological summary of team activities:

  • Dryland (conditioning) training. The team trains two to three times a week during Mid-October to early December. Dryland training promotes fitness and conditioning, agility and discipline. At the same time, the coaches lead racers in a variety of fun training activities that are also designed to help racers get to know one another and build a sense of teamwork and team spirit. Activities include running, ultimate frisbee, soccer, ice skating and other fitness activities.

  • Ski swap fundraiser. Every year, we raise a substantial amount of money for the team through a Ski Swap in October 28, 29, 30. All team members and their families help staff the Swap, with a variety of activities that suit peoples' different interests and abilities. The Swap proceeds go a long way towards paying a large portion of the team's coaching and travel expenses.

  • On-slope training. Typically starting in early December, we begin training on the snow on Mt. Hood, starting out with basic skills drills and moving on to running practice race courses. Training continues during the racing season, with weekly evening trips to Mt. Hood, in January and February.

  • Racing. Of course, the heart of the team's activity are our races. During January and February, we participate in six to seven slalom and giant slalom races, typically held each Saturday at Ski Bowl or Mt. Hood Meadows and occasionally at Timberline. We have a carpool system to get racers to the hill. The top teams and individuals in the league qualify to compete in the state championships in early March.

  • Training weekends. We usually have three training weekends a year, one each in December, January and February. These include a combination of race training, free skiing, watching videos of the racers and a chance for racers to get to know each other better.

  • Celebrations. We get together to celebrate our accomplishments with a League BBQ and Awards ceremony on the mountain and a team potluck back in town each March.

  • Summer training. Each summer, the team conducts one or two mini-training camps. These generally last for three days (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).